If your car won't start it could be a dead battery. The auto part professionals at Willamette Hose & Fittings have a selection of new batteries to choose from.

Battery Testing
Battery testing is the process of examining an automotive battery to gather useful information about individual cells and the battery. Although battery testing is fairly simple and straightforward (and only requires a few basic tools), the test results are not straightforward. For this reason, you should let an experienced auto parts professional handle your battery testing. For all your battery testing needs, call 541-929-2930 or visit Willamette Hose & Fittings today.

Battery Sales
Are you aware that an automotive battery needs to be replaced every few years? This is true no matter how often you take your car for maintenance. At Willamette Hose & Fittings, we will help you determine whether your car needs a new battery or not. Call 541-929-2930 or visit us today.