Willamette Hose & Fittings: Fuel Filters

As you drive dirt enters your fuel system and if left unchecked it will destroy your engine. Your fuel filter guards your engine and the entire fuel system from dirt and debris. Keep your engine clean and at peak performance in Philomath with a fuel filter from Willamette Hose & Fittings.

Concerned about which fuel filter is right for your car or truck? Call today at 541-929-2930 and our auto parts specialists will help you find the best fuel filter for your car and driving style. We've got replacement and performance fuel filters, including direct-fit and universal filters. Choose from inline or canister in clear and glass styles for perfect high-performance fuel injected engines. Feel confident that the gas entering your engine combustion system is clean.

Stop by our store today at 1214 Main St. Ask us about coupons and manufacturer rebates to help keep the cost of replacing your fuel filter affordable.